"The Reunion" - 18 July 2009 - Yakima, WA

This section of the site is for photos taken during the family reunion.

Below all this blather you'll find a link to get to the photo album pages.  If you'd like photos published here, please let Jim know.  If you're especially geeky he'll give you your own FTP account to upload them, otherwise we'll probably have to use something more traditional like a CD or DVD by snail mail.

Please note the images posted here are all downsized to make them "web friendly". If there's a specific image or images you'd like to have in the original resolution we *may* be able to email them to you depending on what your service provider allows. For example, the images from Jim's camera are 3888x2592 and run 1.5MB to 4MB file size, depending on how the camera compressed the specific image. If email won't work, Jim's arm can usually be twisted far enough to get a disk mailed off...  ;-)

Jim can be reached by email at:
and Brenda at

At the risk of sounding redundant, we'd really like to thank everyone that attended! We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and hope you did as well.

And now, the links to:

Web album from Jim Barber's camera

Web album from Brenda Barber's Camera

Web album from Anna Marie Jones-Thebo's Camera (added 22 July 2009)

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